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Aczoe Autoparts(Anhui) Co., Ltd founded in August 2009, after six years of development to become a first-class auto parts import or export enterprises which production, sales, procurement in one. The production, sales and purchasing of our company are cooperated with suppliers and agents at home and abroad and other partners, product sales have already covered Europe, Asia ,the United States and other countries.

We make every effort to make our customers enjoy the unique and best service. Through cutting-edge technology and first-class products to contribute to the development of society and grow together!

Corporate philosophy

Through professional technical level, and strive to improve the quality and appearance of products, manufacture high quality, personalized car spare parts, provide customers with new value, make contributions to the society from all walks of life.

Through the globalization of business innovation, improve the management system of enterprises, achieve steady growth and development in international competition and cooperation.

Respect for the creativity of employees, creating a vibrant, positive corporate culture.

Our Team

Aczoe Autoparts(Anhui) Co., Ltd, from the sales department to the technical production department, after a long time of operation, has become a complete and clear division professional team. Six years of the company´s operations, to ensure the rich experience of our excellent team.

Advanced production equipment, so as to achieve automation, large-scale production; at the same time, the implementation of strict quality testing and production management system. Products through the self inspection, mutual inspection, sampling and other steps, the qualified products can put in storage, effectively protect the quality of the product.

Improve operational efficiency and strengthen the technology development. At the same time, we are also committed to enhance the competitiveness of products and technology, in order to develop new customers and business areas.

Professional Advantage

After so many years of development, Aczoe Autoparts(Anhui) Co., Ltd has a certain result in the automobile spare part industry. In the product quality and manufacturing technology, our company has considerable strength. Morita International Co., Ltd have a highly skilled, experienced, advanced R & D lab, a strong independent R & D capability, a professional production technology team, sales team and service team. In accordance with customer requirements to design and production, provide customers with quality products, at the same time, provide customers with perfect service.

Product Concept

Aczoe Autoparts(Anhui) Co., Ltd is increasingly focused on the development of high level function dedicated products and improve production efficiency, strengthen the construction of production and management base vigorously. The quality of the products of the auto parts is determined by the structure and performance of the auto parts.

Our company´s products can satisfy the customer´s requests of improving the stability, durability , comfort and safety of car. With the development of products constantly updated, we will product positioning face the world, Morita will maximize meet the user requirements of product quality, environmental protection and economic requirements, control auto parts manufacturer´s product quality, delivery, price strictly, provide customers with satisfactory products, long-term value creation for shareholders, employees and society.

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